Our Mission

Access C.D.A. College offers undergraduate programs addressing issues of particular importance to people.  Our curricula, the way we teach and our financial and academic support services address the needs of students who come to the College from varied social, cultural and ethnic background, and who may have a variety of previous educational experiences.

Excellence C.D.A. College addresses the intellectual and professional needs of individual students though classes and other educational experiences that encourage dialogue with faculty who are active scholars and/or practitioners.  Students benefit from rigorous, specially tailored approaches to fostering gains in abilities and understanding.

Quality of Life C.D.A. College supports cultural diversity by helping ethnic and international communities to articulate and celebrate their cultural values and identities, and by recognizing the contributions and achievements of members of these communities.  By the nature of our enterprise and through our normal activity, we contribute to the rich and diverse cultural life of major Cypriot cities

Erasmus brings together a number of earlier programs, such as student mobility schemes, adding new initiatives such as loan guarantees for Master’s students with simplified application procedures