Through its broad range of programs, the College provides students from Cyprus and around the world with the depth of understanding and intellectual flexibility they need to respond to the challenges they will face in the years to come.

• To provide students a stimulating learning environment.

• To provide students with the necessary skills to enable them to hold responsible and challenging posts in the society.

• To provide theoretical and practical training for future employment.

• To provide to the students opportunities for employment.

The College aims to strengthen its contribution to the national provision of higher education.  It intends to build upon links with industry and to meet the need for specific higher education for the local and international community.  C. D. A. intends to remain a College, which is responsive to changing environmental, vocational and technological factors.  Its management will spare no effort to sustain and develop in the future, a climate receptive to this attainment.

The total activity of the College will be directed towards providing a stimulating learning environment for students.  The staff will be encouraged to explore new ideas in teaching, learning and to pursue educational initiatives compatible with the College ethos and stated principles.

Erasmus brings together a number of earlier programs, such as student mobility schemes, adding new initiatives such as loan guarantees for Master’s students with simplified application procedures