(4 Years, Bachelor of Arts / 240 ECTS)

Teaching Language: Greek

The program of study is accredited by the CY.Q.A.A (Foreas) with Government Subsidy up to €3,420

The objectives of the program are:

• The correct and appropriate education of professional beauticians.
• The mastery and training of students for their scientific and professional recognition.
• The efficient and updated manoeuvres and techniques on an educational level in the field of Aesthetics according to the current European standards.
• Qualitative knowledge in all areas and directions of Aesthetics, as well as in related disciplines (e.g. Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry).
• Prevention, proper diagnosis and dealing all kinds of dermatological problems is conducted through close and constructive cooperation with other disciplines such as Endocrinologist, Dermatologist, Gynecologist, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, etc., and always based on the data of Professional Ethics and Science of Aesthetics in order to achieve the desired effect.
• The highest level of scientific knowledge required for the implementation of postgraduate programs.
• Knowledge of modern science and technology as implemented in Aesthetics.
• The opportunity to achieve specialized scientific knowledge in all areas of Aesthetics so that students are able to address relevant issues and to offer specialized individual therapy.
• The practical training of students is extremely important. This process is a part of the course, and the students are trained under real working conditions. The practical training is the linkage between the theory and practice.

Analytical Structure Program of Study

Erasmus brings together a number of earlier programs, such as student mobility schemes, adding new initiatives such as loan guarantees for Master’s students with simplified application procedures