Final Higher Education Qualification: Diploma in Fashion Design
Duration: 2 years
Language: English
The Program of Study is Accredited by the CY.Q.A.A. (Foreas) with Government Subsidy.

Students enrolled in this 2-Years program earn a Diploma in Fashion Design. The course will equip students with the theoretical, technical and empirical background necessary to succeed in the industry. More specific, it focuses on design and product development through flat pattern drafting and garment construction, as well as familiarization on computer applications and practices of marketing and contemporary issues of fashion. During the course, students will also have the opportunity to enter into various fashion design competitions, events and exhibitions and develop their sales and marketing skills. By the completion of the Diploma in Fashion Design students will acquire the necessary knowledge, competence and experience in designing and developing a complete fashion line collection. Furthermore, they will be given the opportunity to develop a portfolio which is a valuable tool for their future career and/or further study.

Learning Outcomes
1. To equip students with a range of skills including practical, design and technical skills needed for a successful career in fashion.
2. To create innovative individuals who through research, will be able to generate and develop market appropriate ideas.
3. To help students comprehend the design process and develop design skills.
4. To develop students’ communication skills that will assist them to meaningfully position their outcomes in the market.
5. To improve students’ ability to work individually and collectively in order to achieve enhanced performance.
6. To provide students with a solid understanding in contemporary fashion issues that are vital in today’s global and competitive

Student admission requirements
- A recognized Secondary School Leaving Certificate with or equivalent qualifications;
- And Evidence of proficiency in the English language

Student Examination and Grading Modes - Grades and Passing Grade of Students
A system of continuous (course work) which is 40% and Final Exams which is 60% and the Passing mark is 50%, as follows:
- During the semester, the instructor evaluates the students through a) Course Work which consists of: Tests, assignments, individual or group project, mid-term exams and / or other tests. The average of the scores is the continuous assessment score.
- The final examination is carried out at the end of the semester.

Analytical Structure Program of Study


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