Funeral Administrator - Embalmer

(2 Years / 120 ECTS Diploma)


This innovative Program of Study “Funeral Administrator – Embalmer (2 Years, Diploma) is offered for the First Time in Cyprus and Greece and it is recognized and accredited by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education Body (CY.Q.A. A). The program has a theoretical and practical orientation. It focuses on the study and analysis of modern trends and developments, taking into account tradition, culture, religion, the legislation in force, ethics and deontology, as well as the rules of Health and Safety and Public Health.
Graduates of the program will be able to self-operate or be employed on a case-by-case basis both in the private sector and in Private Law Entities (LEPs) and related public-sector organizations, both in Cyprus and the EU.
It is a 2-year Program of Studies and the student is required to have at least 120 ECTS (credit units) to graduate. In the second year of study the students have the opportunity to choose between the two directions of the Program of Study that of a Funeral Administrator or of an Embalmer.

The Aims of the Program of Study are:

1. To provide efficient, efficient and individualized provision of social welfare services of funeral administrator - embalmer on the basis of the principles of the current national, Community and international legislation as well as the basic principles governing, as appropriate, culture, culture and religion or doctrine, to all who live in any way in the Republic of Cyprus but also in Greece in general.
2. To have analytical and synthesis skills so that acquired theoretical and practical knowledge can be translated into professional practice by promoting and offering the most appropriate proposals and services.
3. To cooperate, in a harmonious and constructive manner, with the relevant professions and officials of the State and the wider public sector, both internally and abroad.
4. Contribute to shaping and promoting relevant professional culture and culture.

Analytical Structure Program of Study

Academic Staff

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