(4 Years, Plus an Optional Foundation Year, Bachelor of Arts)

Teaching Language:

English The aims and objectives of the program are:

• To provide students with the theoretical, technical and empirical background necessary for the fight against crime and how to effectively manage a security unit.
• This programme has been designed for students intending to pursue a career in applied criminal justice system and law enforcement agencies.
• To acquire a broad-based education which will provide a good starting point for the students’ later professional work and studies. In addition, students will receive the necessary knowledge, research and writing skills, to face the challenges in their future professional career.
• To provide students with the skills which employers in the field are looking for: detailed knowledge of criminology, criminal justice system, criminal law, correctional systems, criminal evidences, juvenile delinquency, drugs and crime, interviewing theories, hate crimes, research methods, organized crime and terrorism, prevention and disruption, white collar crimes, intelligence gathering and analysis, and homicides. Additional emphasize will be given to the forms of human and social behavior.
• To develop the student’s analytical, decision-making and communication competencies together with those qualities of self reliance, responsibility, integrity and self-awareness which will promote personal achievement and contribution to organizations.

Analytical Structure Program of Study

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Erasmus brings together a number of earlier programs, such as student mobility schemes, adding new initiatives such as loan guarantees for Master’s students with simplified application procedures